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Content Library

By blogging constantly on your website, it gives you the opportunity to establish a library of content which customers/clients/and you can revert back to later on for reference.

For example, let’s look at general contractors whose main business is building and remodeling. The blogs will showcase past projects, tips, tricks, maybe even technical information to make the job easier.

With all of this information archived in your blog, you can then send these posts to new prospects wanting to see past projects and verification of your work.

Lead Generation

By having quality content in your blogs and allowing customers to comment on your posts, greatly increases your interaction with customers. By allowing this interaction, your chances of having a customer’s signup for your newsletter and email database, increases drastically. They want to stay up to date and current with your company.

Keyword Optimization

A major reason for developing a blog is for SEO Search Engine Optimization. When you create high quality content associated with keywords or phrases, your website rank will increase in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc searches which in turn increases your visitors.

The more quality posts you publish on your blog, the more keyword rich content and pages you have within your site. As a result, your sites SEO search ability will increase, which is measure that search engines use to gauge your sites credibility and relevance.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines crawl through websites determining their relevancy for search terms. Posting a new blog them prompts these search engines to crawl your website again which increases your SEO.

Social Media

Keep your blog closely connected with your social media, posting regularly on your blog then sharing to your social media channels will greatly increase your blogs reach to customers and clients. Nearly 80% of all consumers now visit a company’s website or Facebook page before making a purchase decision, having quality content on both outlets greatly increases your chances of making a sale.

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