Why hire Helex Marketing?

Why hire Helex Marketing?

Hi, for those that don’t know me, my name is Alex Cummings, founder of Helex Marketing. Tonight we’re going to talk a little about why you should hire a marketing firm for your small business. One of the main reasons I created Helex was because I noticed a necessity for a marketing firm or agency that specializes in small businesses. A lot of small businesses today including start ups and local mom and pops lose their voice when it comes to marketing and public relations. This is something that I have always been very passionate about changing and making sure that your company is heard and seen.

Our number 1 questions is how can I afford this?

Well, a marketing firm is actually much more affordable than you may think. Take a look at this chart here to compare the cost of hiring a full-time marketing manager for your company or an outside marketing firm like Helex Marketing. A full-time marketing manager could cost up to $126,000 per year while a marketing agency could run anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 a year depending on your needs. (show chart). You don’t have to train someone in your company, we don’t take up office space, we don’t call in sick, and you have a team of highly skilled professionals at your fingertips.

My current strategy is stale, what can I do?

Hiring a marketing agency gives you a fresh new perspective on your current marketing and public relations plan. We don’t just think outside the box, we deny the box ever existed. We have grown up in the fast paced digital world we live in today and are aware of the ever evolving trends in technology. We’re also willing to try new and innovative methods as well as implementing your creative ideas alongside our clients. We create a custom audit for each of our clients to better understand what methods you have used in the past that have both worked and needed improvement. After this, we work together to create a new marketing strategy to better suit your needs.

I have a really old logo and website, how can I update my branding?

Our company can develop a fresh new start for your company's brand including an eye catching company logo and informative website that drives traffic to your business. The first impression means everything, let us help capture their attention.